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Virtual Information Security Officer     


The Virtual Information Security Officer allows companies to fill the gap in performing information security, IT risk management, and compliance functions.  Many companies do not have a need for full-time assistance in these areas, and finding an individual with all of the skills can be difficult and costly.  359 Solutions provides an experienced senior level security consultant to work both onsite and off with your business. 


A vISO can help in many ways, and provides:


  • Advice on protecting your business assets against threats from online cyber criminals

  • An information security liaison to auditors, assessors, and third parties

  • An expert, independent and unbiased view of your specific risk, compliance and security exposure and requirements

  • An independent review of audit and assessment reports, assisting with prioritizing, managing and tracking remedial actions

  • Strategic guidance in company growth, risk management and service offerings

  • Establish, review and approve IT and information security related policies

  • Assist with end user security awareness training

  • Act as a central point of contact for all incidents, and develop incident handling procedures

  • Assist in IT budget development

  • Assist in IT strategic planning

  • Review all system development projects requests and set priorities based on time, resources, and costs/benefits


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