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Need a logo? Or just want a nice ad to run in the Sunday paper? We've got you covered. 

Graphic & Web Design 

This is an example of a graphic edit where the original graphic needed to be changed from portrait to landscape.



Graphic Edits

This customer lost their original logo file and asked for us to take the business card on the left to restore their logo. On the right is the restored logo which we provided to the customer in PNG, PDF, and JPEG forms. 

Logo Restoration

Lost your logo file, have a low quality version, or are just looking to add a little flare to your current logo? Tell us what you want and we can restore your logo to look exactly the way you want it!




Looking to create a website but don't want the hassle of designing it? Tell us what you are looking for and we'll bring your dream website to life! Check out some of our past work below!

This logo was designed from a photo of the helicopter taken by the owner. It was made into vinyl stickers and printed on T-shirts and sweatshirts.   


This logo was designed for our company. 

Advertising and Web Graphics

These are a few examples of advertising and web graphics.

Along with graphic creation, we also specialize in graphic edits. Graphic edits involve taking an image and changing it based on the customer's wishes. Check out our past work below to see the kind of edits we can do. 

We also work with Wordpress! Check out these two sites above that we've edited on Wordpress!

We work with all kinds of website editors down to html coding. You purchase the domain and we do all the work! We work with what you want whether that's Wix, Wordpress, or GoDaddy. 

Go Wix and go mobile friendly! Here at 359 Solutions we are looking to make your website look as professional as possible and convenient for your customers to view. 

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